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DJI Osmo Mobile Handheld Gimbal

DJI Osmo Mobile Handheld Gimbal


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DJI's next generation handheld gimbal allows you to add your mobile phone as the camera to keep it stablized to get great smooth footage



The new DJI Osmo Mobile handheld is finally here!

This new system gives you the ability to stabilise your mobile device and capture incredibly smooth and steady video footage or some brilliant image stills. This is also the first time that DJI have created a gimbal system with the smartphone as the primary camera unit. The system works by connecting your mobile deivce to the Osmo's wifi and it all accessed through the DJI Go App. Then just place your mobile device into the gimbal and should be ready to use. The Osmo mobile can be mounted almost anywhere, with its huge range of accessories. Enjoy more than just DJI GO as Osmo Mobile is open for developers to customise.

Osmo Handle

DJI have designed the new handle so it fits comfortably in the users hand. This enhances control over the camera and gimbal. This gimbal mechanism will hold just about any phone with the adjustable arms . Another great feature of the handle is a trigger that is located at the back of the handle. This trigger allows you to alter the focus point. The small round dial, located at the front of the handle, is also a very useful feature. It allows the user to move the camera around. There are also two other buttons which are used for taking photos and to start/stop video recording. A USB port is located at the back of the handle which is used for charging the device and firmware updates

Capturing amazing experiences and sharing life's moments professionally, has never been easier! Osmo mobile uses your mobile phone as a smart motion camera to capture cinematic footage, making everything smooth and ready to share and stream to anybody in the world. DJI Go app allows users to automatically track your subject, which makes filimg smoother and easier. This is called ActiveTrack which is the technology build into the app where the Osmo mobile follows the subject when filming.

Live Streaming

DJI are allowing users to share their moments by streaming to different platforms such as YouTube or even straight to Facebook whilst using the Osmo mobile through the DJI Go app. Caputre time in a short video with the motion timelapse feature. These videos are brilliant anf inspiring way to show the passing of time. You don't need professional and expensive equipment anymore because you can use all these great features on your osmo mobile.

High energy effiency and high capacity batteries give the osmo mobile a maximum run time of 4.5 hours. The technology of the osmo mobile and DJI Go app gives the feature of dramatic long exposures. You can take 1-second long exposures without a tripod for sharp night shots. The Osmo mobile will keep your mobile phone steady during any shot. With the stability of the Osmo mobile allows for great and detailed panorama shots. You can take big and detailed landscape photos which will capture the atmosphere with every detail in top quality. The panorama function automatically captures your shots for you so you don't have to to do it manually.


  • ActiveTrack: this mode will keep your smartphone facing you as you move around ansuring you can capture the action whilst being in the moment yourself
  • Motion Timelapse: these timelapse videos will show the passing of time without blur thanks to the Osmo gimbal for your smartphone
  • Smooth Footage: no more shaking, the Osmo Mobile will cancel out movements you make whilst walking/running/moving, making every shot look flawlessly smooth and professional
  • Live Streaming: instantly share your videos using YouTube Live from within the DJI GO app, or stream to Facebook Live
  • Crisp Long Exposure: the Osmo Mobile will keep your phone completely steady to capture crisp and sharp shots
  • Full Camera Control: using the DJI GO app you can control ISO, Shutter speed, White Balance, exposure settings and start/stop recording. Using the Osmo handle trigger will enable different features, for example, long press
  • the trigger to isolate your movement, double tap the trigger to re-center the camera, or triple tap to enter 'Selfie' mode
  • Customisable Joystick: the easy to use joystick can be adjusted to suit your needs, you can change the sensitivity, invert pan or tilt or even restrict the directions the gimbal can move in
  • Long Lasting Battery: the efficient, high capacity batteries have a maximum run time of roughly 4 and a half hour and batteries can be changed quickly and easily to carry on filming

**NOTE: the mobile device holder cannot be removed from the Osmo handle, so the Osmo handle is not suitable for use with any other attachment (such as X3 or X5 camera)

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