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Fossil Stuff GX 210

Fossil Stuff GX 210


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This frame has a lifetime guarantee and is considered indestructable.



The indestructible frame which has a life time guarantee from fossil stuff. This frame is technically equipped with the highest tolerance of HDPE. The build on this frame is very tight so you are limited to what you can use on this frame, if you would like an idea of what you can fit on the frame we do have a recommended build below this, check it out!

We have piloted this drone with our specs and it is the fastest drone we have piloted so far, speed is unbelievable, cornering is sharp and the control is top quality


  • FPV camera protection
  • Main components are fully enclosed
  • Motor protection
  • Air slots in Mainframe, Mid Cover and Top Cover to keep ESC’s totally cool.
  • Integrated XT60 connector
  • Accessible VTX dip switches from window in Top Cover (GoPro mount only)
  • FPV camera bracket mounting holes pre
  • drilled
  • Multiple Battery strap slots
  • Motor ventilation holes
  • Flight Controller USB access
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes for Flight Controller and PDB
  • Quick access to internal components
  • Large airflow slots in motor arms
  • Machined channels in arms for motor wires
  • Central COG with 4S 1.5ah lipo battery

The Drone Worx reccommended build FSGX 210
Motors 2205 / 2300KV
ESC LittleBee 4 in 1
Flight controller SP Evo
Transmitter Foxeer 25mw / Switcher
Receiver Spektrum DSMX Quad Race Receiver with Diversity
Battery 1300 4s battery
Antenna connector 10cm 90 Degree SMA Female to SMA Male
Antenna ImmersionRC 5.8GHz Circular Polarized SpiroNet Antenna V2 (SMA)

Technical Specification

Additional Information

Technical Specification
Material HPDE
Weight 140g
Size 210mm PCD
Flight controller recommended Naze 32 Rev 5 or Seriously Pro F3. Others will fit.
Motor Size 2200 series
Maximum battery size 4S 1500
Dimensions 76mm L x 34mm W x 31mm H

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