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About us


Drone worx is changing the Drone industry within the hobby aspect, commercial and competitive area. By specialising in these fields we can give the best advice to our customers on what they could do to improve their machines. As a top dealer in the UK we try to meet all standards of great customer service, as you can see by our Trustpilot reviews we give out great customer service and receive almost no negative feedback. Originally founded in 2012 by Ed as a small company, we are now growing and still putting a smile on people's faces.



What brands do we stock?

We aim to bring you the best product offerings direct from manufacturers Spektrum, Futaba, Turnigy, DJI, Emax, ImmersionRC, HPI-Racing, Feiyu-Tech and many more, this allows us to get direct support with any issues our customers bring to us, allowing us to get it resolved as quickly as possible, but also to bring you the latest products at the best prices.

With 10 years combined hobby level and 5 years commercial experience in RC we have dealt with a wide range of product, this has allowed us to choose our range of products that we feel you our customers will enjoy too!


The Team

At Drone Worx we try to go above your expectations and answer all of your queries to expand your knowledge. We assure our team can provide the best customer service around. With our fast paced working environment we try to get tasks completed effectively. A small team at the moment but i am sure we are very knowledgeable of what we do.


Custom builds? No problem

Need something remotely controlled for a specific task? Bring the problem to us and we'll do our best to prototype-to-product a system that will fill your needs, having previously designed systems for aerial photography, package delivery, security systems and unmanned surface photography equipment, we enjoy taking on a challenge and adapting something remote controlled to fit new roles.

We put pride into our work to bring you a product that is built to a high standard, doing our best to make custom builds neatly presented and thoroughly tested to ensure that you get smooth operation upon receiving your item, and to make sure that it will fit the result you, as our customer, wants. We can mount various mechanisms to custom builds as they are very flexible with add-ons but it will take a couple of weeks to import the part you would like as we do not stock many add-ons. An average build time you will be looking at around 5 days. We build them from scratch, the end product is of high quality and the customer exits the store with a big smile on his face. If you’re looking into an FPV custom build please fill out our enquiry form and we will get back to you within a couple of days.


Need to contact us?

Get in touch through telephone, email, instant messaging or video conferencing, with us utilizing a wide range of communication methods listed on our contact us page in order to allow you to contact us one way or another. Need something quickly? Drop in, with our trade counter now open for business you can collect what you need when you need to.


Follow us

We have a few social media platforms where you can see all our latest updates and news throughout the week. If you want to get in touch with us when you see something you like on our social platforms just drop us a message and we will get back to you on whatever the enquiry is about. Our instagram you can see all our pieces of work and cool drone photography. Twitter and Facebook is where you will see all of our offers and news updates on what we’re doing in the week. YouTube we have kick-started back up and you will see a lot of content up there soon, so go and subscribe and you can get updates from whenever we post videos.